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Paradigm Shift (R-NC17ish) - If you ask me, it's awful tub fluff/pseudoporn for VAMB's ten year anniversary smut challenge. Just for my girls over there, really, especially the naughty ones. Words: 3,700. Written: Oct. 2013-Jan 2014.


Deceiving (T) - Immediately following the episode "Repression". Janeway's having a hard time letting it go. Can she? Really? Words: 21, 216. Written: June, 2010.


Interesting Times (T) - From the POV of Harry and Seven. I know,  but I do have an excuse. Post Endgame, Chakotay runs into some serious trouble. Words: 32, 033. Written: May, 2010. 


Stained (PG) - More Harry POV. I'm sorry. Blame "Coda" and Harry's little speech at Janeway's "funeral"...I do. Words: 4,122. Written: May, 2010. 


Behind the Stains (R) -  Attached to Stained. Chakatoy and Janeway, rather harmless sex. Words: 6,146. Written: January, 2011. 


Breaking (PG13) - A Counterpoint universe novel. Don't ask me what that means. Dark-ish. Words: ~130,000. Written: 2007-2010


Easy (PGish) - J/C from Caretaker to Venice. About all I can say except WARNING. Extreme fluff and yes, oh God, Resolutions presents briefly. For Gates Hepburn...one in three people I'd touch that episode for. Words: 16,500. Written: June 2011.


At Any Cost (R) - J/P run into trouble returning from a trade mission. They have to rely on each other to survive as they're brutally coerced into confessing to a crime they didn't commit. J/P friendship, but I'll deliver some J/C, P/T if you can hang on for the ride. Dark. Words: ~140,000. Written: 2008-2009.

Part I  Part II


Regaining Equilibrium (NC17) - A harrowing J/C adventure in the DQ? Not sure how to explain this one with less than a full paragraph, but it's pretty much got everything. Words: 26, 067 Written: December, 2008 


Unexpected (NC17) – J/C. Sequel to Glass-breaking Sex, listed below. Pretty Explicit. Definitely adult. Words: Written: 2010-2011 


Hunger (NC17) J/C can be darkish. I stand by it. Words: 6,060. Written: August, 2011. 


The Yellow Fog (R) - J/C. How post-Endgame goes when I try it. Words: 17,925. Written: November, 2011. 


Center Mass (R) - J/C. Chakotay makes an impossible choice. Now with a healing sequel piece by Brianna Thomas especially for those who couldn't take the open ending. Words: 5,500. Written: January, 2012 




Wants (PG13) - J/C/OC. Set about six months after Endgame. Kathryn sees something she likes. There's an excuse for this one. Written: January, 2011 


Ere the Rise of Sun (PG13)- C/Ka, J/?  Unworthy sequel to Shayenne's amazing When the Battle's Lost and Won Words: 1,198 Written: May, 2011  


Heat (R) - It's lacking in Devore Space. J/C hidden behind another pairing. Dark. Words: 2,435. Written: June-August, 2012.


Especially the Lies (R) - J/? My two favorite Trek characters meet. Now part of a Truth and Lies trilogy with a prologue companion by Cheshire and a sequel companion by Nynaeve. Words: 8,597Written: November, 2011. 





Of Smiles and Fading Images (PG13) - For the VAMB 2011 Secret Exchange. J/Ka, a second meeting. Would it go differently this time? Words: 2,000 Written: May, 2011  


Strongest Branches (R) - Prax/Ka, hints of J/Ka. Prax's POV. Dark. Words: 1194. Written: May, 2011  


Glass-Breaking Sex (NC17) - J/Ka. No plot. Just because. J/C sequel above. Written: June, 2010.  


Duplicity (NC17) - J/Ka. What Glass-Breaking should have been. Through Froot-o-vision, if you like. Dark. Words: 8,030. Written: April, 2011  




Red (PG) - No excuse for this one. Short. Unfortunately from the point of view of someone I usually prefer to ignore. Regarding something I'm otherwise determined to ignore and probably won't ever mention again. Seven reflects on a tragedy. Words: 2,100 Written: October, 2009  


Symphony of Infinities (R...ish) - Kashyk/Borg Queen. They have something in common. Can you guess what it is? Dark. Words: 4,500 Written: July, 2011 


Sever (R) - The Borg Queen is restless. Words: 2,931. Written: August, 2012.


Symphony of Infinities (R) - Kashyk and the Borg Queen have something in common. You'll never guess what. Words: 4,526. Written: July, 2011. 


Guess the Pairings


Skyfalls (T) - Because sometimes the sky falls. No, really. Tied for third place in the VAMB 2013 Guess the Pairing Contest, why, I do not know. Words: 1004. Written: June, 2013.


Wolf (T) - She cuts her meat into tiny slices. For some odd reason, first place in the 2013 VAMB Guess the Pairing Contest. Words: 1001. Written: June, 2013.


Base Pairs (M) - Some people are found in unlikely places. Some are exactly where you'd expect to find them. In any case, sex ensues. (And it's not my fault.) Written for the 2013 VAMB Guess the Pairing Contest. Words: 1,000. Written: June, 2013. 



Co-written With Others


The Reality of Dreams (PG) J/C. A bit of a co-pro between myself and Mary S. This is a sequel to Mary's "Haunted", which is a sequel/finish to Renegade's "Disclosures"all of which are accessible through this link...lots of intrigue, lots of tension, and Chak is a naughty boy in general...you'll see!